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Here at Times Past we offer a professional genealogy and historical research service. Based in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne, we specialise in Australian and European ancestry and can assist you with tracing your entire family tree, or help if you have hit a dead end – no research job is too big or small. Contact us now for a free quote.



I am Jessie Brown and I have held a fascination history since I was a young girl. I studied History and Archaeology at La Trobe University and obtained a Bachelor’s degree with Honours in History. My work background in Administration, I am a current member of The Genealogical Society of Victoria, and have volunteered with Melbourne Museum and various archaeological firms throughout Victoria. I currently reside in the Bayside suburbs of Melbourne with my husband and daughter.

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We work with you to not only trace your family tree, but to also provide a deeper analysis of source materials, presenting you with a better understanding of your ancestors and their life stories.

For each research job (big or small) we provide:

  • A regular emailed research update to keep you in the loop
  • Copies of all certificates, articles, photos and supporting documents uncovered
  • An emailed summary of finding at the completion of the researchOptional Extra’s
  • A beautifully bound book containing your family tree along with your ancestors’ life stories


Trading Hours: 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday


0411 467 115


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